About ByteScout PDF Extractor SDK for .NET and ActiveX/COMByteScout PDF Extractor SDK

ByteScout PDF Extractor SDK for .NET,and ActiveX/COM provides functionality to extract text from PDF, extract tables as CSV data from PDF, extract tables as XML from PDF, extract images from PDF, extract information about PDF documents (title, subject, etc..).


  • Does NOT require any other applications installed (DOES NOT REQUIRE Adobe Reader or any other software);

  • Extracts tables from PDF as CSV or XML data from a whole page, a whole PDF document page or from a given rectangle;

  • Converts PDF to Text from a whole page, a whole document or from a given rectangle;

  • Extracts images from PDF;

  • Extracts text from images using built-in OCR engine (with multiple languages support including non-English languages);

  • Searches text in PDF with word matching options and regular expressions support;

  • Includes the functionality to restore malformed or damaged text in PDF;

  • Extracts single pages from PDF;

  • Reads information about PDF document (title, author, date, producer etc);

  • Lot of ready to "copy-paste" from source code samples;

  • Works in .NET and ASP.NET. Also available as ActiveX/COM object (through .NET Interop wrapper) for using from Delphi, VC++, VB6, VBScript, JScript and other languages;

  • and more!

Some functions of PDF Extractor SDK are also available as REST-compliant Web API.

Sign up for the free trial here: https://app.pdf.co/signup?utm_source=documentation

Check the API documentation: https://pdf.co/documentation/api?utm_source=documentation

And samples.

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