StringFormat ClassByteScout PDF SDK
Represents the text layout information.
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Namespace:  Bytescout.PDF
Assembly:  Bytescout.PDF (in Bytescout.PDF.dll) Version:

public class StringFormat : ICloneable

The StringFormat type exposes the following members.


Public methodStringFormat
Initializes a new instance of the Bytescout.PDF.StringFormat class.

Public propertyCharacterSpacing
Gets or sets value that indicates a distance between the text characters. When the glyph for each character in the string is rendered, this value is added to the the glyph’s displacement.
Public propertyDirectionRightToLeft
Gets or sets the text direction.
Public propertyHorizontalAlign
Gets or sets the text horizontal alignment.
Public propertyLeading
Gets or sets the text leading. It specifies the vertical distance between the baselines of adjacent lines of text.
Public propertyRise
Gets or sets the text rise.
Public propertyScaling
Gets or sets the horizontal scaling of text.
Public propertyVerticalAlign
Gets or sets the text vertical alignment.
Public propertyWordSpacing
Gets or sets a value that indicates spacing between the words in the text.

Public methodClone
Allows the creation of a shallow copy of this Bytescout.PDF.StringFormat.
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